About Hajni

Hajni Erdélyi is a physiotherapist specialized in perinatal physiotherapy, musculoskeletal disorders, and Hatha yoga teacher.
Hajni is board certified and registered in Belgium since 2008. Hajni is a member of Belgium Physical Therapy Association. She offers individual and small group sessions, facilitates workshops in English and Hungarian.
When a client meets Hajni she tries to approach the problem, physical pain and the client holistically. Her practice is a place where the onion can be peeled layer by layer. She uses different techniques (active, passive physiotherapy modules, yoga, personal training, mindfulness, relaxation) carefully woven together uniquely to that person. She is an educational physiotherapist meaning she explains the problem/ the diagnosis/ the cycle, shows different approaches to heal or maintain and teaches exercises to gain confidence, self-awareness and freedom.

She gained her professional experiences both in hospital and clinical settings, internships and follows regular/ continuous up to date professional courses in English, French, Hungarian.
Hajni has expertise in spinal and postural problems, knee problems (postoperative and conservative therapy), sport rehabilitation and how to find a type of physical activity which suits the one.

In the past 8 years she supports mums physically mentally and emotionally to find their truth during birth and motherhood. She is passionate about giving information and educate to decide from within and from freedom if it comes any medical intervention during birth. She walks the talk with two beautiful daughters.

She is specialized in postnatal care too, how to close a diastasis rectus, reeducation of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
She is an advocate to protect the pelvic floor and gaining consciousness over it.

She has been trained in the following fields:

  • Qualified Physiotherapist (Hungary, Budapest, 2005)

  • Sport Instructor (Hungary, Budapest, 2004)

  • Yoga Instructor (Hungary, Budapest, 2008)

  • Personal Training (Belgium, Brussels, 2008)

  • Trigger Point Therapy (Hungary, Budapest, 2013)

  • Dorn Therapy (Hungary, Budapest, 2013)

  • Evidence Based Medicine in the Pelvic Floor’s Physiotherapy (Hungary, Budapest, 2014)

  • Attending: The female pelvis lifetime international Congress (Belgium, Antwerp, 2015)

  • Soft tissue Techniques (Belgium – Uk lecturer, 2017)

  • Perinatal Physiotherapy – Bien être autour de la naissance (Belgium, Sfer, Mons, 2018)