It’s an initial longer session where the Client can explain her/his problems and difficulties in details, ask questions. After that, physical examinations, tests and assessments take place by the physiotherapist. At the end of the consultation the Client should understand her/his problem, should see a proposed personalized treatment plan and solutions, if necessary referred to other medical departments or examinations.
This consultation is a necessary first step before regular weekly treatments but it can stand alone as a single session too or as a follow up.
Consultation sessions can last 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

Some of the issues that can be addressed during a consultation session may be:
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: problems with muscles, ligaments, joints (back, knee, shoulder, ankle….)
  • Postural problems -improving posture, sedentary life style -how to compensate
  • After injury, illness: how to heal and how to go back to sport
  • Questions, hesitations around what suits you as a sport or physical activity
  • Problems, pains in daily life or in the fitness center, during yoga or group classes
  • How can you start moving/ doing sport if you never did before, never liked before or never was good at it
  • How to find balance, stress relief through movement and relaxation
  • Questions around prenatal physiotherapy and prenatal yoga: what to do and not to do; how to sit, how to sleep,
  • Pain, discomfort, sleeping problems during pregnancy
  • Constipation and pelvic floor weakness, discomfort during pregnancy
  • Methods, techniques for couples how to ease discomfort, how to relax, how the father can support the new mum to be
  • Personalized preparation for delivery (individual or couple session)
  • Even with other birth classes have questions, doubts, or not feeling it’s personalized for you
  • Postnatal physiotherapy
  • Weakened core & abdominal muscles, abdominal separation: diastasis recti
  • Weakened pelvic floor or never worked with those muscles
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction: incontinency, prolapse
  • Questions around breastfeeding positions, baby carrying, a routine with the new baby