Perinatal Care

Preparation for pregnancy, prenatal physiotherapy and postnatal physiotherapy.

The following issues can be addressed:

  • Prepare the body for pregnancy: managing and treating already existing pain or condition. Activate pelvic floor muscles. Relaxation.

  • Prenatal physiotherapy: how to move safely and adapt week by week, prenatal gymnastic, treating discomfort or pain if needed, good posture, breathing, relaxation, stretching, pelvic floor activation, ergonomic positions for sitting, sleeping

  • Lower back pain, sciatica, week pelvic floor during pregnancy

  • Couples sessions during pregnancy: how to relax, massage, help, listen and comfort the new mom to be, how to bond with the baby, finding the new dynamic in the relationship. Together.

  • Bedrest during pregnancy: what you can safely do

  • Preparation for birth: focusing on practical and effective labor positions, delivery positions, how to find confidence in our body, how the partner can support, massage techniques, breathing techniques. Education and information around the normal course of birth, medical interventions for a conscious and free decision.

  • What to do right after delivery, in hospital and in the first 6 weeks

  • Postnatal physiotherapy: focusing on rehabilitation of the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, releasing tensions from the back, neck and shoulders; finding the new improved posture, closing abdominal separation (diastasis recti), treating pain if needed, preparing for going back to pre-pregnancy routine

  • Ergonomic breastfeeding positions, ergonomic carrying for baby and for mum, finding a routine with the new baby

  • Positions for the baby to relax, sleep, play. Positioning in case of reflux, digestions issues. Referring to other specialists if needed.

  • The kids are older but still having postnatal problems or missed postnatal physiotherapy

  • Postnatal physiotherapy after C-section