I am a physiotherapist. I am a yoga teacher and a yogini. I am a woman. I am a mother. But most of all I am a Human. My top 5 Strengths according to Gallup Institution StrenghtsFinder are:

  • Input – craving to know more

  • Strategic – create alternative ways to proceed

  • Activator – can make things happen by turning thoughts into action

  • Learner – great desire to learn and want to continuously improve

  • Belief – deep- seated desire to have a good influence on the planet and its people

I am passionate in education, prevention, motivation and transformation. I can only see my Clients as a whole not just an aching back or knee. I strongly believe in personalized therapy and less is more. My desire to create a calming and safe environment where one can be heard and seen. I am in love with seeing my Clients’ transformations: freedom and confidence in their body and in their mind.