Hi there,

I’m Hajni, physical therapist, pelvic health & perinatal specialist, educator and mentor. I am a bodyworker and whisperer, kind of passionate about mindset and a peaceful activist of feeling our emotions.

For me everything starts with the body, connecting with the wisest, most intelligent and powerful resource what we have, right in front of us. I translate between your body and you.

I am as much fascinated by data, research, conventional medicine as by unconventional medicine, alternative and holistic healing. I’m bridging spirituality and the down-to-earth, practical world.
You can call me a window opener witch.

by Lauren D Maxwell

Basically, I create a safe place for women to connect with their body, heal, change and transform.
My mission is to empower women, holding their hands until they find their own power and freedom to birth, to heal, to desire, to say no, to be WHOLE, to be enough and more.

I am a hard-core multi-passionate person, recovering perfectionist and high achiever. So please believe me, I do know what overwhelm, anxiety, addiction to feeling important mean, I learned it the hard way. Now, I have highlighted in my dictionary focus, boundaries, NO, planning, rest, feminine quality, I am enough, I deserve.
My passions, just to name a few, are overcoming trauma (personal, inter- and intragenerational); birth, death, and cyclical living; vocalizing our truth through the first, second and fifth chakras; feminine super power; everything about pelvic floor; somatic healing; eco living; music; learning.

Originally I am from Hungary and have lived in Brussels since 2008 with my husband. We have two daughters (and another one, up in the sky). I’m a survivor of a stillbirth: I lost myself and built me up from scratch. Yes, I know all too well when everything is black and you want out. Now I also know how to rise on the other side as a phoenix and I am OK no matter what.
One of my biggest challenges is being a good enough mother.
I love coffee with frothed oat milk and cinnamon, home decoration, walking, and listening to a podcast or music. And I’m a chocolate and cocoa addict (but only of the good quality dark kind). I am a Sagittarian, a bookworm, an Activator and Learner.