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Császárnő workshop

2023 Április 1, szombat 09:30-11:30 Avenue Paul Hymans 99, 1200 WSL

Ha 12 héttel vagy évekkel a hasi szülésed után vagy de még mindig van panaszod vagy nem foglalkoztál a hegeddel, itt a helyed, várlak szeretettel!
Mik lehetnek a panaszok: fájdalom a hasban, gátban, derékban, a has esztétikája, formája, gát problémák, nem tudsz a heghez nyúlni, ránézni….
Trauma informált szemlélettel dolgozom, jogod és lehetőséged van a határaid kifejezésére, visszahúzódni, kérni. Ugyanakkor ha kéred (!) kijavítalak, mutatom.
Heg 101 – Olajos és száraz masszázs – Eszközök – Torna – Meditáció – Belső láthatatlan érzelmi seb
Energia csere: 49 €
Emailen tudsz jelentkezni, várlak szeretettel!

Jön: szülés utáni 0-12 hét workshop

Money Constellation workshop

18th March 2023 Saturday 9:30-13:30 Avenue Paul Hymans 99, 1200 WSL

Uh, a very juicy and dreaded topic! Do you have money issues? Fear, hardship, overwhelm? Do you have financial clarity about your situation? Reached the glass ceiling? We often carry unconscious  blocks around money from our ancestors. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the facts and family history, there are methods to test it. Once you start to see what might block you, it’s much easier to move forward. And we can do constellation on your relationship with money and finding the block from there. If you need to make a money decision ( investment, selling, buying, next move, your dream….) we can also do a constellation on it to have an insight and better understanding of the possible outcomes. Fear of loss, loosing money, debt… all belong here.
Exchange, the setting… see above at previous workshop.

Price: €90

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 4 persons. English, Hungarian
Reserve your spot:

Please let me know if you are interested but you cannot make that day or in case the group is full, I am opening a new one.

Body image, Illness, Body change Constellation Workshop

23rd April 2023, Sunday 09:30-13:30; Avenue Paul Hymans 99

Our body is our temple and so often our relationship with it based on hate, suffering. We can have disEASE in our body, a condition which shows us something but we can not really get that what it is. Female body changes a lot and changes faster than we can adapt sometimes. We can look in to conditions, illnesses, aching body parts, inherited diseases, scars, removing organs, overweight, life threatening conditions, ( sexual abuse too) and distorted body image to have a better understanding and compassion. Connecting with the real needs of the body to heal. This workshop does not replace medical treatment but it can bring us closer to acceptance, understanding, finding missing links… and can be one part from a holistic view.

Price: €90

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 4 persons. in English

Reserve your spot:
Please let me know if you are interested but you cannot make that day or in case the group is full, I am opening a new one.

Motherhood, Mother Constellation Workshop

13th May 2023 Saturday 9:30-13:30 Avenue Paul Hymans 99, 1200 WSL

What kind of Mother I want to be? Do you have any difficulties in mothering? How is your relationship with your mother? Do you want to break the cycle and not passing things to your kids? Do you have challenges around motherhood? Our roll as Mother? Do you want to step out from to god mother suffocating box? We can look in to those questions. We can do constellation on your family of origin or on your actual family or on a question/ pattern/ challenge! All is welcome here!

Price: €90

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 4 persons. English, Hungarian
Reserve your spot:

Please let me know if you are interested but you cannot make that day or in case the group is full, I am opening a new one.

IFS – Internal Family System Constellation

TBD , Saturday 09:30-13:30; Avenue Paul Hymans 99

We all have parts in ourselves which protect and also blocks us, internal family system works with these parts what are living in ourselves and driving us. Seeing, acknowledging, befriending those parts can help us to move forward in life.

Price: €90

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 4 persons. in English

Womanhood & Being a Woman & Femininity Constellation Workshop

TBD Saturday 9:00-13:00 Avenue Paul Hymans 99, 1200 WSL

What does it mean to be a woman nowadays? What has been passed on us from our family/ ancestors/ culture? Do you live with Super Woman syndrome – I can do it, I fulfill everybodies needs, there is a certain standard… Do you want to soften the edges in you and bring more flow in your life? How is sensuality in your life right now?

Price: €90

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 4 persons. English, Hungarian

Womb Connect & Heal
6-week course

Yoga. Movement. Breath work. Journeying. Ancient & modern teachings. Sharing

Join me and others for 6 weeks of connection, transformation, empowerment and healing.

Explore the physical, energetic, and emotional through 3-dimensional learning and integration.

With Hajni Erdélyi

20th Sept.- 25th Oct. 2022 @ Brussels

As a baby, you were born from the womb, and as a woman, you have a womb. Maybe you gave birth to a wonderful human being or to your dreams. Or maybe you are longing for that.

Almost everything leads back to this powerful, energetic organ. As a woman, it is an essential part of who we are.
• What is your relationship to your womb?
• What did you learn consciously or unconsciously about the womb?
• Would you describe the womb as a place of pain, hurt and neglect or as a place of creation, joy and power?

Explore ways to connect and heal your womb to embody who you really are!

Free yourself from pain, bitterness, and resentment and open up for joy, ease, and creativity. Through your womb you experience and connect with your superpower: the soft power that you inherently have is in your body and waits for you to liberate and use it. To be able to open up and do the transformational work, we first address finding safety and belonging.

You will transform your relationship with your body, your womb and your creativity!
We can change the story of what we are living and what we are passing on to our daughters and sisters!
The World and Mother Earth really need us: our healing, our soft power, our creativity and our joy!

With Love,

Course description

It’s a 3-dimensional learning and exploration: physical, energetic and emotional. 
In this 6 – week course we use different modalities: movement – women’s yoga, dance; ancient & modern teachings, breath work, visualization & relaxation, singing, shamanic journeying, sharing circle. You’ll learn about your pelvis, hormones, pelvic floor, your rhythm, your moon period, orgasm and we are doing some magic too. I combine western knowledge and eastern wisdom, conventional medicine and alternative, new and ancient, the seen and unseen, the felt and unfelt. 
The session’s structure: arriving, centering – teaching/ topic – 45. min Embodiment practice: movement/ breath work…  – sharing circle
Every session we move, we do yoga, dance, breath work, we really get into the body and experience it so at the end of the 6 weeks expect some healthy abs, pelvic floor awareness and loosened hips 😊

Important note: my work is trauma informed. My intention is to safely hold space for you, for your healing and for your curiosity. One step at the time.
If this invitation calls you, I welcome you with an open heart.

The nuts & bolts

Venue: Avenue Paul Hymans 99, 1200 WSL, Brussels  

Date: Tuesdays 18:30 -20:00, from 20th September-25th October 2022, 6 consecutive weeks
(Finishing at 20:00 it’s estimated, we might go over a bit depending on the group flow, however max till 20:30)

Group: maximum 5 “womben”
I organize small intimate groups in English (or Hungarian) so you get personal attention.
I love working with an international group. Brussels is a melting pot and we can help each other a lot to feel our roots, growing new ones and belonging.

Exchange: 295 €
It’s less than 50 € per session for an intimate personal work!
Payment plan is available: 2 * 150 € & also 1 spot with reduced fee for who is in need
Incl.: 6 Live in person sessions, yoga equipment, handouts & Bonus recorded 30 minutes home practice

Online Live 6 weeks course: for whatever reason you want to do this online, it’s possible. Email me, to put you on the wait list and you’ll be the first one to know the dates. Reserve your spot & questions: email me at

My Story

I’m a woman deepening my connection with my Innate True Woman for years now. Always finding new shadowed places to liberate and bring light on them. There were many transformative events in my life where I needed to go through deep grief, loss, change. Reinventing myself, finding myself again and again is a second nature for me now. I work with the body more than 15 years now as a physical therapist specialized in female body, pelvic floor, birth and as a yoga teacher. I am also doing individual constellations and transformation mentoring for body & mind & soul for more than 3 years and recently attained an international health and life coach certification. I lead groups and circles onsite and online.   
My mission is to empower and liberate women to be themselves, finding a safe place from within from where their power and their flower can bloom.
I live in a long term committed relationship with my husband and have 2 Girls and a bunny.