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Mama Joy Summit

I am so happy and excited to be a part of this global summit where Mamas share their wisdoms in a very practical and heart centered way! It is not about to learn again something, to be better… but to experince, to be present, to share!
My theme is How Your Lineage Can Influence Your Mothering And How To Free Yourself From It, speaking from my lived experience and the experience of working with women for almost 20 years in perinatal physical therapy and the experiences of more than 5 years of individual and group constellation work.
You can book your free spot here and check the summit line up with other 20 + speakers!
I am a proud affiliate partner of this summit, thank you for using my link and supporting Mamas!
You can check out the early bird options too And the summit stays free during these 4 days!

I assumed I would be a hip, confident and kind Mama.

I was wrong.
Motherhood transformed me in a deep level and lot of the times I felt unhip, unconfident and unkind.

Motherhood is one of the greatest opportunities for expansion.
Yet we spend so much time focused on the daily practical needs (more often than not of our loved ones not even ourselves), that we can get further away from our core self. In the process, losing our confidence, vivaciousness and capacity to bring our visions to life.
There is nothing more powerful than being in community with other heart-led, ambitious and courageous women. Mamas who can gift you the guideposts to unlock your greatest expression of yourself. So you can fully live this life and enjoy this season.
That’s why I said YES! to speaking at the Mama Joy Summit.
Because being in conversation with Wise Women is a gift that I’m honoured to receive. And Summit host, Danielle Brooker, is one of those Wise Women. I admire Danielle’s embodiment when it comes to joy and motherhood!
Here’s your invitation to join us for free from 22-25 May (held online).
You’ll hear global experts, sharing their heart wisdom on how you can be in this full season of life, take its gifts, navigate the highs and lows and see it as an opportunity to fully expand. Therapists, bodyworkers, life coaches, healers, and more.
These incredible women are living and breathing the work that they teach. And they are sharing honestly, openly and lovingly with you through their Speaker interviews and immersive sessions. Topics covered range from nervous system regulation through to wealth and healing your lineage. ✨ This will be magical. Practical. And life-changing.
You must register for your free ticket >>> see link

Visioning & Planning 2024 Online Workshop + Free Cyclical living workshop

7th January 2024 Sunday 18:00-19:30

Zoom & also in live  Place du Tomberg 18, 1200 WSLHello Dear Beautiful Woman!
It’s a tradition now! Yeah! 🎊 I am doing again the visioning and planning workshop for 2024!

I was thinking about planning and I’ve finally realized it was always so important me and gave a lot of scaffolding and structure.
But in the past I used it very differently, not so much aligned with my feminine energy and cycle. The deadlines, the amount of goals… were unrealistic.
Then, there was a time when I totally gave it up. After my stillbirth experience, I felt I lost control over EVERYTHING. I went totally the opposite end. From planning fanatic to a dark passive phase. I took couple of years, when I started to feel, I do have control over certain things. This huge breaking point, helped me to soften, hearing and feeling more myself realistically. Then an internal transformation started within me, spiced with Covid era…..first it was again the feeling loosing my power and control once more, but the volume was way less. So again this planning shifted hugely in me. 
Seeing this, I am sure I’ll have couple of more initiations like this, but harvest and transformation always came.
I am also sure, at least once in your life, you’ve felt some kind of same loss of control or footing or maybe you are in the midst of it.
Now my intention with planning ( and with this workshop) to get closer to my core self, true desires and to hear AND listen to my inner voice. And not overwhelm or kill myself with the lots of things in the back of my mind and shoulds….
I see it as a success if I could realized at least 1 thing from my yearly intentions! Why? Because, I know that 1 thing is at least ALIGNED with myself! And that is what matters ( at least for me).

This workshop won’t be totally the same like previous years, however visioning and planning your year is the topic, so similar things understandably will come up. I keep the masculine container for time and structure sake but the we fill it with feminine qualities. It is not really about going through the same things ( because the important parts of our life stays the same) but more like being present for yourself and doing it together.

This time is ABOUT YOU, connecting with your intentions, your needs, your longings and dreams!

Also I learned a lot from previous years so this workshop will be digestible 90 minutes, where you can still keep your focus and your time commitment! You’ll start your process, connecting what is important for you and you can go back to this to unpack it.
It’s an intention map for 2024.

We are going to combine coaching and intuitive work with meditation/ visualization to really hear your inner voice. We connect the head and the heart and the womb our creative center.

– Closing 2023 with your core take away and a short but powerful visualization ( you can do it also with open eye with movement!)
– Focusing 5 big area of Life. Visioning, feeling in to it, connecting with the missing link/ block and knowing our first step which feels good for us in the body ( not only in your head)
– Journaling, meditation, visualization
– Word of the year / intention of the year
– The 1 Big thing in 2024
– Closing meditation and giving permission to yourself

By the end of the workshop you’ll know which is the most important area of your life where you need to put more love and attention in 2024 and how you’ll do it!
This workshop has a yang container and yin tools.  So with the masculine energy we’ll have a structure, pace and we are using exercises with the feminine energy how you tune in to yourself.
With this container we are not going to do tons of shares, we’ll share only at the end, to keep the timing and the flow, but we’ll certainly will be connected and you can always ask. 🙂

New! This year you’ll get a Cyclical living masterclass too as a gift! I am so excited about this. I spent a lot of time researching and experimenting on myself in the last years and can’t wait to share this with you. It will be an updated and extended version what I did in the past. I’ll talk about the hormones too and it is very important for us whether we still have menstrual cycle or not. I work with cyclical principles in coaching and in body work more and more and I really see how women can find peace and calm in it.
It will be a prerecorded masterclass. This alone worth to do the workshop! :))

When: 06. 01. 2024 Saturday 18:00-19:30 ( I tend to go over if there is flow, the maximum is until 20:00)
We had the same timing last year and it worked the most of you, hope it will work this year too, you can always tell me.
Where: Zoom & also in live – NEW if you don’t have a space to retreat yourself or want deeper energetic immersion, you can let me know and come to the cabinet in live- testing for the needs.If it will be hibrid, who is online still will participate the same!
Recording of the workshop will be available if the timing is not good for you or you want to replay it!
Exchange: 39 € – early bird until end of November ( last year price 🙂 ), 45 € – from December

I acknowledge the personal needs, blocks, sometimes is not so easy to get to the bottom of it. So if you feel you prefer a personal follow up, it is available. Individual session will be scheduled after the workshop.
2024 Visioning & Planning Workshop with 30 min. individual strategy session: 75 € ( instead 84 €)
2024 Visioning & Planning Workshop with 60 min. individual clarity session: 100 € ( instead 119 €)
2024 Visioning & Planning Workshop with 90 min. individual strategy session:  119 € ( instead 139 €)If you feel called to give time to yourself to place the basis for your 2024 and show up more in your life, email me and reserve your spot!

You are not interested? No problem, if you know a Sister who is, please share this opportunity!

Looking forward to hearing from you!