Events and Workshops

Setting free the Good Girl and finding your True Woman-self

11-1th. February 2022 (Hungarian) Friday arriving as of 6 pm – Sunday 3 pm
18- 20th March 2022 (English) Friday arriving as of 6 pm – Sunday 3 pm

We are all conditioned to be a Good Girl: nice, pretty, not rocking the boat. It’s a nice, pretty invisible cage. Even if you liberated yourself from the most obvious traits of it and you are not that Good Girl anymore, there are sneaky ways its conditioning can still sabotage us. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?
I invite you to take a closer look at this Good Girl in us and finally sett it free.
I invite you to find who is underneath that Good Girl! Let’s discover together Your True and Innate Woman! Is it the Wild Woman? The Passionate Woman? The Wise Woman?
How she moves? How does she breathe? What does she smell like? What is her voice like?
That powerful and beautiful woman who wants to be freed, embodied and vocalized.
I invite you to explore that together!
I invite you to be, laugh, cry, move, breathe, sing together in a sacred Sisterhood!
Come with us, set your Good Girl free and experience Your Innate True Woman!

Where: Limburg, Zutendaal, Landal bungalow park

Places: are very limited. Small, intimate group. Min 3– max 5 persons

Accommodation: in a luxury house. Individual bedrooms (with double beds) and sauna in the house, living room and dining room, fully equipped kitchen, 2 or 3 bathrooms.

Food: full pension with organic, healthy whole food made by me & hubby. Vegetarian / vegan possible.
It includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday breakfast, lunch. Tea, coffee, fruits and nuts. More details after personal consultations.
(This weekend we really want to feel and transform so we avoid alcohol, highly processed food, smoking or any kind of mind-altering substance)


  • Friday evening opening the Circle & Ceremony
  • Saturday
    Morning movement (optional)
    10:00-12:00 Program
    Free time
    15:00-17:00 Program
    Dinner circle – preparing our meal together
    20:00-21:00 Evening program
  • Sunday
    Morning movement (optional)
    10:00-12:00 Program
    13:00-14:00/ 14:30 Closing Circle

As usual the exact program will unfold seeing and feeling your needs.
But to have an idea, morning movement can be walk, yoga, breathing, stretching, mobility. In the core program I will choose from the following tools: sharing circle, ceremonies & rituals, dance, breathing, visualization, drumming circle, using the knowing field – constellation practice, meditation, embodiment, somatic work, EFT, working with presence, central nervous system healing, cards…and more. Good to know: My work is trauma informed.

Your investment: 550 €
Early bird price: 495 € till 18th January 2022 for the 11th February Retreat, till 25th January 2022 for the 18th March Retreat.
Your investment includes: a real transformative experience, the accommodation in private room, the tourist tax, bed linen, full pension and the programs.
Extra: the retreat finishes on Sunday 3 pm, but you can stay until Monday 10 am! (Checking out will be your responsibility then)
(Travel is independent but happy to help to pass the infos in car sharing) You can reserve your place by sending me an email and paying 230 € via bank transfer.
The rest of the payment will be paid in cash at the retreat.

I’d like to remind you this retreat is designed with spaciousness, nurturing and beauty. You’ll have your own room, possible to go to sauna, being with us or being in solitude if you need. The price reflects that, so no big room and bunk beds sleeping together. You’ll have your own privacy.

You have a friend to invite, and you are OK to be in the same room? All rooms have double beds or 2 beds. Ask me a new price for you 2!

Cancellation policy:
In case of closure of the park by the government the 230€ will be reimbursed to you.
In case of me getting sick and not being able to do the retreat the 230€ will be reimbursed to you if you can not make at the new offered date (really hope won’t happen but you never know…)
If you need to cancel, I only can transfer the paid 230€ back if you find somebody to your place or there is somebody on the waiting list. (This is strictly the accommodation price, and I cannot take more responsibility than that.)

And who am I?
I’m a woman deepening my connection with my Innate True Woman for years now. Always finding new shadowed places to liberate and bring light on them. There were many transformative events in my life where I needed to go through deep grief, loss, change. Reinventing myself, finding myself again and again is a second nature for me now. I work with the body more than 15 years now as a physical therapist specialized in female body and as a yoga teacher, doing individual constellations and transformation mentoring for body & mind & soul for more than 3 years. I lead groups and circles onsite and online. I am currently in an international health and life coach program.    
My mission is to empower and liberate women, finding a safe and trusted place from where their power, their flower can bloom.
I live in a long term committed relationship with my husband and have 2 Girls and a bunny.

Lunch time Full Body Mobility & Stretching Class

28th October 2021, Thursday 12:30-13:30; zoom live

Just show up & let’s move together! Your body needs you! (No recordings after)
We all need a good full body stretch from head to toe. That’s what we are going to do.

I often got the feedback, evenings are not ideal for practice, so I listened! 😊

Price: 15 €