Events and Workshops

Women’s mini retreat & Womb ritual

24th April 2022 , Sunday 15:00-19:00 Avenue Paul Hymans 99, 1200 WSL

Being a woman is not suffering but a bliss. We all can remember that. We all can revoke that bliss and power!
We start with getting to know our feminine power centers: connect, being aware and liberate them through yoga, movement, music, meditation and exchanging our lived wisdom.
 „The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.”
Then followed by a ritual and I pass on the Rite of the Womb.
This ritual is an inauguration to let go of pain, fears, suffer, hurts and tapping in to our innate power as a woman and also tapping in to the wisdom of our female linage.
This afternoon you’ll meet and connect not only with yourself but with a sacred sisterhood too.
If this invitation calls you, we welcome you with an open heart!

Price: €80

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 5 persons. English, Hungarian
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Refill Your Cup – Mother’s Day Yoga & Relaxation Mini retreat

1st May 2022 Sunday 10:00-14:00  or 15:00-19:00

This time is about you! Nurturing your body, mind and heart.

Arriving in the space gently with sharing, setting intension, then we have a 60-minute gentle yoga practice with lots of stretching and flowy asanas. We continue with relaxation and womb meditation. Then we have space for whatever need emerges to connect as mothers, letting go of blocks, guilt and refill our cup (dance, mantra, journaling, mini constellation, sharing, breathing, embodiment and many more)

We close  with connecting to our circle and by checking out.

Price: €80

Reserve your spot by sending an email to and let me know your preferred timing!

Mother – Family & Systemic Constellation Workshop

14th May 2022, Saturday 09:30-13:30; Avenue Paul Hymans 99

We are daughters of our mothers, maybe we are also mothers, and we have our internal mother. These are only just the very well known, essential facets of the mother archetype. There are many other facets where this mother figure / energy invisibly and unconsciously can extend itself, maybe overworking too and causing disbalance in ourselves and in our relationships.
We embark on a powerful journey to work with the mother figure and energy, finding our blocks, wounds, putting the pieces back in their place, maybe say goodbye. Closing chapters and opening new ones. We are going to talk about the many obvious and not so obvious facets of mother in a safe and open circle. Then we are going to make constellations on this topic. You’ll decide what you want to discover or work on: your mother, your mother self, your mother wound, your inner mother, your boss, your future pregnancy…. There are many possibilities and I’ll be there to guide you if you need any help.
Every constellation work will add to your own experience too.
Important note: my work is trauma informed and I give many opportunities to regulate yourself. My intension is to safely hold space for you, for your healing and for your curiosity. One step at the time.
If this invitation calls you, I welcome you with an open heart.

Price: €90

I organize small intimate groups, maximum 4 persons. in English

Reserve your spot:
Please let me know if you are interested but you cannot make that day or in case the group is full, I am opening a new one.