Let me support you!

I get your body moving, your mind settling and your soul awakening!

I am so glad you are here.
Let me show you what is important for me:

Holistic view
I see you as a WHOLE person, not only the problem that needs to be fixed.
Also, I like to work holistically, using the unity of Body, Mind & Soul.
I am interested in what gets you going, what your needs, goals, and desires are. If everybody says yoga is good for you, but you hate it, then that is not the right choice for you.
I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. I strongly believe you need to be part of the solution, part of the (treatment) plan. Your body knows and feels what is good for you, we just need to find a smart way to listen and cooperate.
Educate and teach
When you have a better understanding of what is happening, how we can make it better, then you are empowered. I always explain the condition, the possibilities, the exercises to the best of my knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask your silly questions! Those are my favorites!
Also, my goal is to teach you what to do at home between sessions, to have a solid base and tools when we finish therapy, empowering you once again.
Conventional & unconventional
I like to choose from different modalities and to combine them, using the best and the most useful parts for us.
Simplicity and laser focus
After more than 12 years’ experience I can filter what are the best 3-5 exercises for you to practice at home. I teach you the exercises, and we write down or record them. We start the next session with revising them if necessary. Step by step.
Short but consistent practice makes sustainable change and improvement!
You want a longer routine? No problem! That’s what takes me to my happy place too! So just tell me how much time you can invest and we build up your home practice.
If you already have an existing movement routine, I like to build on it, modify and improve it.
I start and finish on time. I respect your precious time.
I don’t pick up my phone and start making new appointments during our session.
I only take on as many clients as I can serve with my highest potential, attention and care.
(That should go without saying, but unfortunately my own experience paints a different picture.)

One on One

Physical Therapy, Body & Movement Coaching

Perinatal Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy


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