What if I say overwhelm is just a symptom? There is more to life and you can experience it.

What would be possible for you if you felt safe? What if you could hear your inner voice? What would it whisper in your ears? Come with me, I show you!

My holistic mentoring program was born out of my life and work experiences and studies. It is authentic, unapologetic, joyful.

This is the next step toward a deeper transformation in your life. The mentoring program is BODY and FEELING oriented to provide measurable results and enhanced life quality.

My mission is to teach women how to find ease, focus and inner power by connecting with their body so they can show up in their lives confidently and reclaim their voice and desires.

You ask what kind of problem you can bring to personal mentoring. And I take a deep breath and say whatever is blocking you.
What is this good for?
Whenever you lost yourself. Whenever you feel you are not in life. Whenever you are hurt but cannot get over it. When you know you want something from life but do not know what. When you lost your voice, confidence or never had any. When you have a pattern in life and are ready to let go. When you feel something is not OK but don’t know what. When you have goals but don’t know where to start. When you feel you didn’t embrace and use your feminine super power. When you had a trauma, birth trauma, family conflict, relationship conflict and you want to heal it.
You see? These all belong to life! How can I pick one or five things when they all belong? That’s why it is a deep work, it needs some digging, some shadow work, but at the end there is light and wholeness.
I love digging and I am not afraid of dirt and shadows.

Can I hold your hand and lead you toward the light?

Breakthrough or Clarity Session

This is a longer session that gives you an opportunity for a more holistic work. We map out your goals, desires, possible causes, events, blocks and the expected result.
Based on that map, we create a plan and decide together which method or modality is the best for you.
Then we start the first, deepest transformative step that will connect you with your feelings and yourself.
At the end of this session:

• You’ll have a clear goal, a focus, a plan, steps, and homework to manifest that result.
• In your body, you’ll have a transformative experience. A physical and emotional shift, a deeper connection to yourself and your desires.

On-site and online
90 minutes €100

Feel Good Session

The purpose of this session is to drive continuous evolvement to live and do the planned steps, to keep yourself on track toward your desire and yourself.
It helps to handle the newly emerging blocks and self-sabotage, to reconnect again on a physical and emotional level, to correct the course if needed and for validation.

On-site and online
60 minutes €80

Back to Me Package

This is a series of 5 harmonic, rhythmic and carefully curated sessions.

This is in total 300 minutes of work, hand holding, attention and love.

Exchange: €380

I choose methods that are body and feeling based, to help get out of your head and patterns, and connect with your true self.
For this, we choose together from the following modalities:

• Movement, yoga
• Hands on therapy (touch, massage, trigger point therapy)
• Breathing
• Relaxation, visualization
• Somatic work, embodiment practice
• Systemic- and family constellation
• Somato-constellation (to meet and see our organs, conditions)
• Birthing experience and our birth experience
• EFT (emotional freedom technique)
• Kinesiology
• Mindfulness techniques
• Free flow journaling, writing
• Intuitive techniques

Get out of your mind into your life!