Oh, I know it’s not easy to talk about it, show it, deal with it.

But I promise, I make it as comfortable and safe as possible to discuss and treat those pelvic floor issues.
I always explain everything, ask your consent and respect your pace and privacy.

We can work on the following issues:

• Weak pelvic floor, incontinence
• Pelvic pain
• Prolapse
• Painful sex
• Adjusting your physical activity to be pelvic floor safe
• Female organs education: where, what, how
• Biofeedback

Pelvic floor physiotherapy happens in the same framework: consultation and regular sessions.


A consultation is a longer session where you can tell your story (problem or goals) and ask your questions.

I do an assessment, an examination, I explain you everything, and I walk you through the options or outline a treatment plan.

Consultation can be standalone or can be an initiation to the regular sessions.

I can confidently say that one single consultation session brings clarity and gives you practical answers about where to start.

On-site and online
60 minutes €80

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions are where the work and magic happen.

Weekly regular appointments.

Treatment, exercises — according to the plan that we set up at the consultation.

On-site and online
30 minutes €45
45 minutes €60

Do you have a question?

I am an INAMI /RIZIV certified physical therapist, which means you can get partially reimbursed depending on your health insurance for prescribed physiotherapy. Please mind that not all sessions are subject to health insurance reimbursement. Don’t hesitate to ask me.

Online sessions are via secured Zoom video call and can be recorded for your convenience.