Want to move freely and live without pain?

Want to reach your next level of fitness?

Movement is a wonderful tool to restore the freedom, function, and strength of the body.
Physical therapy is not only about injuries and pain but also prevention, healing, restoration, teaching the body new ways to function ergonomically and striving for a healthy fitness level.


A consultation is a longer session where you can tell your story (problem or goals), ask your questions.
I do an assessment, an examination, I explain you everything, and I walk you through the options or outline a treatment plan.
Consultation can be standalone or can be an initiation to the regular sessions.
I can confidently say that one single consultation session brings clarity and gives you practical answers about where to start.
On-site or online
60 minutes: €80

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions are where the work and magic happen.
Weekly regular appointments.
Treatment, exercises, birth preparation — according to the plan that we set up at the consultation.
On-site or online
30 minutes: €45
45 minutes: €60
Do you have a question?

Personalized Training Plans

Although the Client is given homework exercises based on the work during the treatment sessions, it is possible to ask for a personalized training plan.

A personalized training plan focuses on the Client’s goals, realistic time schedule (5-30 minutes), modifications if needed for her special condition, background or limits..

I am an INAMI/RIZIV-certified physical therapist, which means you can get partially reimbursed depending on your health insurance for prescribed physiotherapy. Please mind that Yoga, Personal Training, and Coaching are not subject to health insurance reimbursement.

Online sessions are via secured Zoom video call and can be recorded for your convenience.

I am a woman and studied extensively the female body so I am best at supporting women.
We can work on the following issues:

• Back pain: neck pain, middle and lower back pain or tension
• Muscle tensions, pain
• Shoulder problems: pain, decrease in ROM (range of movement)
• Knee problems: pain, instability, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, post-op ACL replacement and arthroscopy
• Ankle problems: post-injury rehabilitation, instability, pain
• Postural problems
• Sedentary lifestyle
• (Re)start physical activity, sport
• Lower back pain, diastasis recti, week pelvic floor
• Sports rehabilitation after injury
• Stress management, breathing exercises
• Stress release, strengthening and stretching through yoga
And the list goes on; basically, it can be anything that holds your body back from total freedom.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy
I have extensive experiences in the following areas:

• Post-operative knee therapy: ACL replacement, arthroscopy
• Recovery after abdominal hernia surgery
• C-section recovery
• Recovery and rehabilitation after spinal disc herniation