FeelGood Women

Online Membership

This program is all about moving your body. Get fit in a safe way and motivated by the group and me!

Live training every Monday 18:30-19:30 on Zoom, always new workouts with different focus. The training is recorded and goes up to the member area so you can do it again whenever you want.
Every month has a topic or a focus and a training plan is available.

First week training is a combination of cardio as warm up, followed by yoga and relaxation.

Second week training is a workout class: cardio /HIIT, strengthening, pelvic floor exercises, stretching.

Third week is a slower movement practice: yoga, mobility, deep muscle work or stretching.

Fourth week is THE CIRCLE, a longer 90 minute session: a connection, sharing circle, relaxation and embodied movement practice.

All movement practices are safe for the female body and I always offer different modifications for different levels if needed.
It is a closed group; I know everybody’s fitness level, medical history, weak points and I always keep that in mind when I give the class.
Now only available in Hungarian. Intakes are quarterly.
Get on the waitlist and be the first to know when registration opens and how you can be a part of it!
Or email me if you have any questions and I’ll answer them!

FeelGood Lifestyle

Online and In-Person Group

This group is all about Feeling Good in your life. Inspiration, support and group work to uplift each other, experiencing and implementing new things to build a lifestyle that works best for us.

Weekly email content that changes periodically: Body, Mind, Soul and Rest, integration week.

These emails offer inspirations, exercises, recipes, journaling prompts, recommendations, ideas related to our main topic and weekly focus.

Every quarter we have a new training video (movement) that we record together.
Every first Saturday of the month we have a walking training in Woluwe Park.
Every third Friday evening we gather for a Relaxation event, where we can connect and go in depth on the actual topic. We have a supporting WhatsApp group too.
This group is a closed circle of 8 women, at the moment only in Hungarian. Intakes are quarterly (January, April, July and October) if a spot frees up. We have now 1 place available!
Email me if you are interested and want to Feel Good!


Online and In-Person

I give regular workshops in the fields of movement, body healing, self-actualization and feminine empowered living.

You can email me if you have any questions or a workshop request!